About the brand: TABOO (established 2018) is a revolution, community, and brand aiding marginalized groups. TABOO confronts change and creates a new future. TABOO is a non-judgmental safe space for the black sheep of families. Taboo World is a place where spirituality, community, and art unite. Our digital platform has been reached worldwide and growing by the day! Join Taboo World today and be protected forever.

Meet the owner: Sandy Taboo is a queer, non-binary, Vietnamese artist who creates without limitations. Raised in a suburban midwest town, Taboo broke out of conventional norms when they moved to New York in 2017. Taboo, best known for their free form expression and visions, has created a brand with angelic art collaborations! Each product is designed with the intention of protection, spiritual gravitation, and originality. With the help of Brian Beauty, Taboo was able to debut their best selling product, Taboo Liner, in July 2019. 

SANDYTABOO big cartel is the shopping experience of sandytaboo.com

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The community: https://www.instagram.com/tabootakeover/

Taboo Takeover is where you can see the latest updates on TABOO pop up shops, merch drops, discounts, open casting calls, upcoming artists, and meet the community!

The owner: https://www.instagram.com/sandytaboo/