About the brand: TABOO (established 2018) is a revolution, community, and brand confronting change and creating a new future. TABOO represents the black sheep of families, the brave and wounded. Taboo World is a place where spirituality, community, and art unite. Our digital platform has been reached worldwide and growing by the day! Join Taboo World today to help create the freakiest and freest future.

Meet the owner: My name is Sandy Taboo. I am a Vietnamese, non-binary (they/them), and queer artist. I have created Taboo World as a sanctuary for art, alchemy, and self expression. My goal is to keep the focus on nourishing your soul while also spreading light on upcoming artists. I especially prioritize marginalized groups because there is inequality for representation and opportunities amongst us. In a world of corruption and distractions, my mission is to improve the world and myself along the way. Thank you for your visit to Taboo World. Enter the parallel universe.

SANDYTABOO big cartel is the shopping experience of sandytaboo.com

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The community: https://www.instagram.com/tabootakeover/


Taboo Takeover is where you can see the latest updates on TABOO pop up shops, merch drops, discounts, open casting calls, upcoming artists, and meet the community!

The owner: https://www.instagram.com/sandytaboo/

For customer support and business inquiries: https://sandytaboo.bigcartel.com/contact